What Successful Technology Marketing Campaigns Have In Common

Illustration illustration people working together to display the five things successful technology companies have in common

Strategic Alignment

Strategic alignment is a prerequisite for successful technology marketing campaigns due to needing those who are an essential part of the campaign in the organisation to be headed towards the same objective. In other words, bringing calm to the chaos. This is also required so that everyone in the organisation understands the why and what behind the technology marketing campaign. 

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

Steve Jobs

Making the why and what transparent, and ensuring strategic alignment among those in the organisation will contribute to an increase in motivation of the entire organisation.

Innovative Thinking

Innovative thinking is another way that you can ensure that your technology marketing campaign stands out as a successful beacon amongst the plethora of desperate technology marketing campaigns that are struggling to truly bring a business to the heights of digital performance.

For example, in 2010 EasyJet decided to innovate the way they were sending their emails to their customers, added personalisation using many of their customer’s travel histories and this made their email campaigns 14x more effective at provoking an emotional response than before. (Tea Liarokapi, 2020)

Trust Building

Privacy concerns have recently become a massive issue for consumers everywhere. In order for your technology campaign to be successful, it must be building trust internally within the organisation and also externally with consumers, customers. This means ensuring that the technology campaign is not independent of the company’s culture.

By building trust with consumers, customers and internally. You will see an increased growth with-in the organisation as a whole. For example, in a consumer survey fifty three percent of people said they would never use a company’s product that sells their data. (Deloitte, 2019)

Thoughtful Practicality

The practical use of technology is important when it comes to successful technology marketing campaigns. Ensuring thoughtful practicality will reduce spending, increase the accuracy of budgets and increase results. This requires significant planning, and forecasting efforts. This will help ensure that only the necessary technologies are included in your technology marketing campaign.

Specific Technology Use Cases

Without specific technology use cases being created prior to initialising a campaign, it is very probable that your organisation will end up overspending on unnecessary technology that may not return a competitive advantage in your market. For example, a group of McKinsey & Co Analysts looked at several efforts made by construction & engineering companies to digitise (Jenn Goodman, 2019). They found some common failure patterns that you can avoid by having specific technology use cases that meet a defined set of criteria.

One of these is that limited research and development budgets in the construction & engineering sector prevent companies from spending as much on digital as other companies in other sectors. By not ensuring specific technology use cases with already slimmer budgets, the continued lack of solid growth on the digital side can only persist.

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