Some of the Most Successful Recent Technology Marketing Campaigns

Technology marketing campaign concept

Running a digital marketing campaign is no mean feat. it requires you to continuously assess your marketing strategy to keep ahead of the game. It can certainly be tricky to execute a technology marketing campaign that connects with you customers, nevertheless, if you get it right, it’s going to maximise your brand awareness and increase your revenue. If you are wondering where to begin with a digital marketing campaign yourself, a great place to start is getting inspired by looking at other successful campaigns that have made waves, allowing you to critique what they did well! There has never been such scope for innovation and creativity and these following campaigns listed below are some examples that have been successful in capturing the imagination of their respective audiences.  


Realising that influencer marketing paired with impactful video marketing and a clear concept has the power to increase brand and product awareness massively, Amazon switched the  iconic Alexa-powered voice assistant, the Echo, along with a piece of video content which featured a whole host of well known celebrities from a range of different fields, from well known comedy stars to TV chefs. As of 2019, it became YouTube’s most viewed advertisement.


World renowned brand Adidas took a contemporary and highly innovative approach to digital marketing in 2018 when they made use of  the 30,000 runners taking part in the Boston Marathon to make personalised videos of everyone taking part to promote their latest running garments. A simple combination of professional user-generated footage and up and coming technologies (such as race bibs and tracker chips), this campaign created a range of rich visual content that provided a real-life glimpse into the excitement of a sporting event. This personal feel of this immersive campaign felt as innovative as it did head-turning, resulting in a collective 100,000 video views throughout the two days succeeding the race.


To promote a new style of running shoe known as the Epic React shoes, Nike developed an exciting technology marketing campaign. Possibly the stand-out was the immersive Reactland initiative that transports users into the middle of a virtual video game (along with an Avatar of themselves) that permitted them to experience the brand’s latest footwear technology. The brand used a mix of social media engagement as well as cutting-edge landing page that platformed the development of the shoe technology, as well as experiential marketing. This really provided an insight into what we can hope to see from brands in the future. 

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