Product team as a service

Software product development out of a box, including engineering, research, design and product management.

Why outsource?

Every successful business does a particular thing more effectively and attractively than its competitors. This is your secret sauce, your unfair advantage that differentiates you from others in the market and for which your customers choose you.

If your value proposition isn’t actually software development, then you should ask yourself “Why are we trying to do it ourselves?” Hiring and managing people with specialist skills is difficult and can be risky; bad choices can hold you back, or even be fatal to your business. By leaving software product development to the professionals you can concentrate on being world-class in your expert domain, safe in the knowledge that the technical stuff is being taken care of.

We hit the ground running

Our experienced teams of software engineers, UX designers, researchers, product managers and scrum masters are ready to you help to drive your business forward. We know what works and what doesn’t, and how to get the best out of technology in the shortest possible time.

Why flektion?

Uniquely for a boutique consultancy, flektion has unrivalled breadth of experience in software with world class product management expertise. From ERP to world #1 consumer apps, web, SaaS, mobile apps (iOS/Android/hybrid), AR/VR: we’ve been there, done that, got the mousemat.

Furthermore, flektion’s founder Aidan Dunphy is a senior consultant for Product Focus, Europe’s #1 Product Management training, certification and consultancy provider. We set the standard by which others are judged.

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