Business Mentoring

One-to-one support for career development

What is Business Mentoring?

As your career develops, you will inevitably encounter new challenges you must overcome. Whilst trial and error is effective , it’s also learning ‘the hard way’.

You can shortcut the ‘error’ bit by benefiting from the experience of someone who has been there, done that, worn the t-shirt!

A Mentor offers you their knowledge, expertise and advice, and help you to reflect on your own experience and performance, enabling you to ‘self-coach’.

Mentoring vs. Coaching

In coaching a more formal, structured approach is taken, with specific goals and action plans. A business coach need not have direct experience of your circumstances, as they apply the same methods to any problem.

Mentoring is a more fluid interaction, heavily led by the your aspirations, goals and current situation. Your Mentor must have direct and relevant experience to be able to relate to, and advise you.

Mentoring from Flektion

Our service is delivered using popular video conferencing tools. Depending upon location, face-to-face meetings can be arranged, although due to Covid-19 we are currently providing only remote sessions.

To kick off, we provide a free 30 minute consultation during which we explore your background and aims, and answer any questions you may have about the process. This session also gives you a chance to meet your Mentor to make sure you’re compatible.