Focusing technology on customer outcomes

Aidan Dunphy, focusing technology on customer outcomes

Today I’m launching my new venture, Flektion. We’re a consultancy that helps businesses to be more competitive by focusing technology on customer outcomes. Nice strapline, but what does it mean?

I’ve tried to keep this strapline as short as possible – believe me – but each of the words carries meaning. First off, we work with businesses. I define these as groups of people working towards a collective goal, with money involved. A business can be a startup, an established enterprise, a not-for-profit or a government department.

Being competitive is a loaded term, but we believe that any organisation striving to achieve their goals are competing with something – it may be other incumbent businesses in your market, disruptive startups, other external forces such as legislative or political, or even internal problems such as inertia or lack of vision. The best business are obsessed with customer outcomes!

We work with technology, and in particular software, but also related tech such as data, VR/AR, IoT, blockchain and any other buzzy terms you care to add that a closet geek might get excited about. Crucially, we can translate this stuff for business people who aren’t geeks, closet or otherwise.

Lastly, and most importantly, we strongly advocate focusing technology on customer outcomes. It’s a trait of tech people that they like to, er, make tech. Sometimes that tech solves real problems for people in amazing ways, and something it just… exists. It takes a rare combination of people skills and tech aptitude to ensure that you do only things that add value for your customers in a way that is profitable for your business, and this is what Flektion brings.

I’ll be adding more to the site in the coming days and weeks to explain how we work, but in short, we offer a critical friendship on flexible terms:

Strategic Support

  • Interim CEO/CIO/CPO
  • Product strategy
  • Proposition development
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Review of existing strategy

Growth and operations

  • Business analysis
  • Team building
  • Procurement
  • Programme management
  • Change management

To get your free initial half-day consultation, drop us a line!