Digital audit

A structured assessment of an organisation’s digital health

No organisation can keep everything running smoothly forever.

Even the best organisations will find from time to time that they seem to be spending more time than ever dealing with performance problems. For some reason you can’t seem to deliver at the pace you once did. It’s harder to do new things, and you seem to be fixing stuff all the time.

Your customers are becoming indifferent or even hostile. Technology is becoming the problem rather than the solution. Promises keep being broken, deadlines missed, costs keep escalating. What to do?

It’s time to take stock.

We have the experience to help you. Our tried-and-tested digital audit process will examine your business to investigate how well-placed you are to succeed in a digital world. We objectively analyse, benchmark and critique your organisation on a range of indicators across five categories:



Vision, values, culture, strategy, agility



Teams, empowerment, performance, Agile



Scope, production, analytics



Engineering, Design, Research, Product Management



Strategy, Operations, CRM, Development

The flektion digital audit is a packaged service which takes around six weeks to complete. The process is:

  • Interview key stakeholders from around your organisers
  • Quantitative and qualitative surveys capture key themes
  • Any existing strategy documentation is analysed
  • Inputs are organised and analysed using our framework
  • Findings & recommendations presented in a report

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