About Us

flektion is a consultancy dedicated to working with business to get the most out of technology. We sit at the interface between technical and commercial, helping your teams to work together towards common goals. Our philosophy is that the best businesses are focussed on creating value for their customers, and therefore that their strategy should be designed around this.

flektion is led by Aidan Dunphy who has worked with businesses of all sizes ranging from bootstrapping startups to global Fortune 500 brands, in public and private sectors and across many industries. Starting out as a self-taught software engineer he soon found that technology needs a human context to realise value, and this became his passion. Aidan founded flektion to create a place where like-minded people can work with our amazing clients in the never-ending pursuit of improvement, profit and personal fulfilment.

Our purpose is to help businesses to create value using technology by focussing on customer outcomes.

Our Vision

  • Consultants that feels like a member of your core team
  • Critical friend: reflective, frank and constructive analysis of your business
  • Trusty translator: turn technobabble into actionable insights
  • Authoritative consultancy that is accessible, affordable and fits your business
  • Flexible commercials and right-sized engagements that aim to keep you as a client

Our Values

  • Opportunities are always in front of you
  • Eat the frog (have the courage to deal with the hard stuff first)
  • Let go of the future (stay agile, if something isn’t working, change it)
  • Remember you’re a human (be good to people, stay humble)
To find out what we can do for you, drop us a line and tell us about your own goals and challenges.